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Information that you need to know about Toon Town and how it operates can be found in this section.


Toon Town is a tcg dedicated to all animated characters, including anime. The site is best viewed in 1024x768


A Trading Card Game also known as a TCG, is an online game where you participate in games, contests, surveys to earn cards and trade them with other members. The more cards you gain the higher up in levels you rise. The level you are on can be displayed using a level badge. The levels are as follows:

Level Card Worth
Level 01
Level 02
Level 03
Level 04
Level 05
Level 06
Level 07
Level 08
Level 09
Level 10

- More levels will be added when needed. Levels are based on card worth instead of card count.


When you join, you'll receive a total card worth of 10. 2 cards will be from the favorite deck that you enter on the join form and the remaining 8 will be random.


Here at Toon Town, there are two main types of cards:

» Regular- includes all cards worth 1 which are split into two categories:
Television- includes the character decks from television.
Movies includes the character decks from movies.
» Special- includes all cards that are worth 2.


There are many ways to earn cards. Here's how:

Games & Contests : There are many games offered on this site that will give you cards when you succesfully accomplish the tasks they ask of you. Some are harder than ohers. Most of the games use a password gate, in which you'll have to enter the correct answer to be taken to the prize page.

Level Up: When you level up you'll get one choice regular + two random regular cards. Fill out a level up form. You don't get level up prizes for moving from level 0 (Pending) to level 1.

Mastering: When you master a set (when you have collected all the cards in a certain set) you get rewards for doing so.
Regular- one choice regular + two random regular cards.
Special- two choice regular + three random regular cards.
Once you master a deck you can no longer trade cards of that deck. Fill out a mastered form.

Donating: You can get various amounts of cards from donating badges, link buttons, and pictures for card decks. Visit HERE for donation guidelines.

Refferals: For every person you refer you will get 2 random regular cards. If I refer someone, everyone receives rewards.

Birthdays: To celebrate your birthday, you'll get some special prizes.

Freebies: Every once and a while I'll offer random freebies on the update page. Sometimes I'll give them out when I add new decks. Freebies will also be offered on special occasions.


Once you join and earn cards you can trade with other members to help you master decks. All you have to do is visit the member list and search through it. Everyone must have a trade log. A trade log is where you put how you earn your cards. When filling out your trade log you must put exactly what games you played. Don't just put 'played games and got...." Be specific. Your trading page must have a link back to the TCG.

Update Schedule

I will try my best to keep with this schedule. I will let you know before hand about missed updates, reschedules, or hiatusness.
Sunday or Monday: Group A Games, New Card Decks, Side Bar Freebiesm Group B or Group C Games (these will rotate bi-weekly)
Monthly: Group D (1 game updated per week in a month to create a monthly cycle)

Staff Pay

No staff as of yet. Am I playing? Yes. In order to keep things fair, I don't play any games. I can however claim cards from when a member leaves but only after at least five members have already claimed. I will receive staff pay when I update on time, for every 4 decks I make, and when I update games. Members should be receiving more than double the amount of cards I receive.

Updating On Time- three random regular cards.
Deck Creation- three random regular cards, one choice regular card (every 4 decks)
Game Updates- ten random regular cards, one choice regular card (per group)