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Updated: September 15,2019

Pika Pika

June 24, 2019

New Members: Catherine, Christina! Welcome!
Level Ups: Maitland (3>4)
Masters: Erin (Jasmine)
Game Updates: Group A, Group C, Poohs Honey Pot
Recess!: Osaka wished double the rewards for Group A games
Referrals: Cami. You may pick up your prize here.
Toon of the Week: Congrats Hisuiryu!

For Osaka's wish, you all may play Group A games twice, with the exception of Wilt Vs Bloo and Recess!. I will make sure to double the awards when the new round is posted next week.

There are still 4 spots open on Magic Carpet's Ride, if you'd like to play. I also changed how the game is going to run. Communication for it will be on the Magic Carpet Channel on the TT discord. Once the round begins, I will announce on discord when Carpet has stopped and started. Those playing will need to claim their lamps on discord. Carpet will operate during US Central Standard Time and will not stop during nighttime hours (10pm-6am CST).

The site will be going through maintenance throughout this week (it will be late night hours) in efforts to prep for the Grand Opening next week. So if you happen to visit and page is not working or unavailable please try again later as I am working on the particular page. Thanks for understanding in advance.

Also if you all have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, you can hit me up on discord.

As usual I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

New Decks
You may take a total of 8 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
Donators may take 8 cards + 1 additional card from the deck(s) they donated.
Please comment with what you take!


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