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Updated: September 15,2019

ay caramba

July 08, 2019

New Members: Lyn, Makri, Karen, Manda, Syara, Lindi. Welcome to Toon Town
Level Ups: Nessa (3>4), Maitland (4>5), chives (1>2), Marcella (2>3), Karen (1>2), Lex (3>4), Syara (1,2), Lyn (1>2)
Masters: Maitland (kronk, aang), Nessa (cera, megara), Osaka (spongebob, snoopy, sonic, pussinboots), Marcella (ginger, tiana, disgust), Lex (nani)
Game Updates: Group A, Group C, Top Bar Freebie, Magic Carpets Ride, Sonics Power Rings, Block Party Games
Recess!: Lex wished everyone gets to take double the amount of pulls from a new deck release. That means you all may take 24 cards this week.
Referrals: Christina and Nessa. You may pick up your prize here.
Toon of the Week: Congrats Lyn!

First off I want to thank you all so much for baring with me as Toon Town goes through it's officially opening process. I'm a novice when it comes to PHP coding but I want to try and give you all nice quality and most of all fun games and activities to do. I do hope you all are having fun so far playing Toon Town as much as I am having fun creating it.

That being said, I would like everyone's honest feedback on Toon Town so far. Are there more things you would like to see? Is there something you could do without? I am open to any suggestions you all may have as this is your card game as much as it is mine. Without members, there would be no TT.

The Boss Baby Stock Game, Minnie's Mini Masteries, Neighborhood Tycoon, and TT Patch cards are still being worked on an will be phased in soon. Information about obtaining a TT real estate license is up, if you want to check that out.

You all may choose 1 of the event cards below.

Per usual, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

New Decks
You may take a total of 24 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
Donators may take 24 cards + 1 additional card from the deck(s) they donated.
Please comment with what you take!


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