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Updated: September 15,2019

Thanks for noticin me.

July 22, 2019

New Members: Jules! Thanks for joining us!
Level Ups: Osaka (4>5), Nessa (4>5), Makri (1>2). Christina (1>2), Michelle (1>2), Lex (4>5)
Masters: Nessa (littlefoot, spongebob, kenny, pepperann, simon, ducky, mavis, sonic, joy), Maitland (bloo, nani, mavis, genie)
Game Updates: Group A, Group B, Freebie, Block Party Weekly
Recess!: Cami wished everyone receive 5 random cards. You may visit the randomizer and take the first 5 cards.
Referrals: Lex. You may pick up your prize here.
Toon of the Week:Congrats Mio!
Recess (Bonus): Though my niece arrived earlier than expected, she and Mommy are doing well. You all may take cards spelling out JORDYN RAE (No more than 2 per deck).

Hope everyone has a wonderful week as always.

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You may take a total of 12 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
Donators may take 12 cards + 1 additional card from the deck(s) they donated.
Please comment with what you take!


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