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Updated: September 15,2019

I'm still here

September 12, 2019

Just letting you all know I have not abandoned Toon Town. I'm still here. I just needed to get ahead in my school work. Two essays per week plus 3 quizzes and discussion boards and the reading I have to do is...woo. Throw in work and being busy raising a 3 year old...my free time is stretched thin. Updates will come on a biweekly basis with all weekly and biweekly games being updated at once. This will just be temporary until the semester is over. I know we have lost a few members because of this and for that I do apologize. Unfortunately life outside the TCG world has to come first. I appreciate that for those who do understand. I have been working on things behind the scenes though whenever time permits. An update is definitely coming this Sunday!


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