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Updated: September 15,2019

You can't keep me out! I'll find the truth - I'll never stop!

June 10, 2019

New Members: Welcome Chives!
Level Ups: Erin (2>3), Lex (2>3), Mio (1>2), Nessa (1>2)
Masters: Lex (lilo), Maitland (robinhood, sally), Marcella (skeeter)
Game Updates: Group A, Group C, Top Bar Freebie, Chicken Littles Dodgeball
Recess!: Cami wished everyone take 2 choice cards
Toon of the Week: Lex

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mines was eventful to say the least coupled with a fussy 2 year old. I do apologize for the later than normal update though.

Starting next week Wilt vs Bloo will become a weekly game, so get your guesses in for the lastest round if you haven't already. Remember you can also donate to the Bob the Builder deck once a week.

The official grand opening for Toon Town will be at the beginning of July. There will be games and giveaways during the Grand Opening Block Party. I will also be rolling out the Sticker Program and the points system. Points will be used to purchase things from the shop and to purchase and exchange stock for the Boss Baby Stock Game.

Visitors! If you are planning to join and want to be a prejoiner you will need to join before the end of the month. As a prejoiner you will be able to take cards from previous updates, you receive more cards in your starter pack, and you will also be able to take more card freebies from new decks. We hope to see you join soon.

The Popular side won this round of Chicken's Little Dodgeball. Hisuiryu, Lex, and Mio you may take two cards of choice and visit the prize page here.

Everyone else you may visit the prize page also.

New Decks
You may take a total of 8 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
Donators may take 8 cards + 1 additional card from the deck(s) they donated.
Please comment with what you take!


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