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Updated: September 15,2019

Poor unfortunate souls.....

September 15, 2019

Game Updates: Group A, Grpup B, Group C, Chicken Littles Dodgeball
Recess!: Catherine wished for one card of choice from your collecting deck. Though it has passed Karen wished for 8 choice cards for August (no more than 2 per deck)
Toon of the Week:Congrats Michelle!
Chicken Little's Dodgeball: The popular side won. Catherine was the lone winner of this round. You may pick up your prize here. Nicolie, Bommiie, Mary, Makri, Lyn, Lex, Karen, Chives, Nessa, and Osaka you may pick up your participation prizes here.

There is a new activity called Minions Mini Deck, where you can master themed mini decks. The master form the minidecks will be available soon. I'm finishing up the coding on the Boss Baby game.

I hope you all have a wonderful and thanks for sticking it out with me!

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